in office services

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Whether you need relief from your “weekend warrior” battles, a brutal workout week at “Boot Camp” or you just got slammed with that killer headache in the middle of the workday; the S.O.S. Massage can have you back out there, kicking your way to the top in no time!
The S.O.S includes a ½ hour deep tissue medical massage that focuses on one or two of your most abused areas. Topical liniments such as “Tiger Balm”, “Cryoderm”, “ Po Sum On” may be used. Ice may also be used depending on specific condition. This is also a good option for the elderly or those more comfortable with a shorter appointment.


Even grown-ups need a “time out” once in awhile! This hour long appointment is an artful blend of deep tissue medical massage and therapeutic relaxation techniques that allows for both the treatment of specific issues and the easing of body and mind into a state of peacefulness.


Each massage therapist crafts their own unique Signature Massage pulling in techniques and elements of various bodywork styles. The hour and a half length of this massage will allow you to descend fully into that state of deep relaxation so necessary for health and healing.

traveling services


Due health circumstances or personal preference some clients prefer to receive massage in their own home. In these instances, mobile massage is offered at regular rates plus a $25 fee. Choose one of the listed massages and bring it to the comfort of your own home! Very popular with our Seniors! Contact spa for availability.


Um…what kind of massages? Why Hyggee Massages of course! Hygee (pronounced “heu-gah”) is a Danish tradition that perfects the art of coziness. It is good friends and comforting food and drink all found in a cozy candlelit atmosphere. Think, all of your favorite elemental things including massage in one spot… home! Perfect for the long cold Michigan winters but adaptable to all seasons.