about us

Massage therapists Tracey Smith and Crystal Love are honored to be part of the ancient tradition of massage and bodywork.

Since as early as 4,000 BC massage has provided relaxation and healing to people around the world. In these not so ancient times, plagued with previously unknown stressors, massage continues to play an important role in health around the globe. Elemental Therapy Spa is honored to be part of this ancient tradition of massage and Bodywork. We strive to create a sanctuary where people of all walks of life can take a timeout from the modern world and and bring their bodies and minds back to wholeness. Effort is also made to to incorporate the elemental forces of nature (earth, air, fire, water) in our goods and services.


Tracey is the owner of Elemental Therapy Spa and believes strongly that the journey to wholeness is both a personal process and one that is best completed using the most elemental forces of nature including touch…LEARN MORE

Tracey Smith

Owner / Licensed Massage Therapist

Crystal is a licensed massage therapist with six years of experience in various professional settings. She graduated in 2010 with a degree in therapeutic massage therapy from Everest Institute and is ABMP certified…LEARN MORE

Crystal Love

Licensed Massage Therapist